Announcing UBI - University Business Intelligence

What’s in a Name?
March 29, 2016

While the Managerial Reporting Project is conducting usability and acceptance testing ahead of our initial May reporting release, the MRP team is excited to reveal the name of the new reporting environment: UBI.

UBI is a friendly, easy-to-remember moniker where “U” represents the University and “BI” stands for business intelligence.

Since November 2015, the MRP team crowd-sourced name suggestions for the reporting toolset. We captured ideas from our fall Town Hall attendees, and also asked our pilot group to weigh in on the name of the toolset.

More than 50 ideas were submitted, and a small peer group narrowed the submissions to a final four. Our objectives for the reporting environment name:

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Easy Moniker for Communications
  • Inspiring
  • Longevity

In the coming months, increasing numbers of stakeholders around the University will learn about the benefits of guided analytics: ease of use, clarity, data stewardship, and simplicity. Stay tuned for more updates from the Managerial Reporting Project.

A special thank you to Sarah Collie, Matthew Darring, Steve Patterson, Erika Priddy, Jeremy Serkin, and Forrest Swope for their time and creativity in the selection process. Their voice reinforces how shared ownership produces better results.