Batch Billing Upload Success: Jordan Hall A/V

July 27, 2015
Jeremy Serkin

John Gwynn, Jordan Hall A/V

The School of Medicine Office of Medical Education hosts conferences in Jordan Hall and the Jordan Hall Conference Center. The 300+ Continuing Medical Education, Health Services and other events each year are serviced by an in-house audio/visual team, which bills 82 different departments around Grounds for its professional services.

The Managerial Reporting Project recently partnered with John Gwynn from the Office of Medical Education to transition conference center A/V services billing from manually-keyed expenditures to batch uploads. A new excel spreadsheet work order will interface with the improved batch upload process and automate data entry. The improvements will help the team analyze usage of the conference center and A/V billing data. Early estimates indicate a reduction of more than five minutes processing time for each cost transfer.

Like the recent billing transition at SCPS, this is another process improvement success, in partnership with the MRP team. Andrew Yeung worked closely with John to reformat and validate the data from the Jordan Hall source system into the prescribed upload format. The two partnered with Richard Parkins from ITS to help deliver the new billing process.