Change Management & MRP

March 25, 2016

Change Management is the process, tools and techniques to manage the people side of change, to achieve the required business results. Change management team senior leaders, managers and supervisors, project teams, and employees all play critical roles in successfully managing change.

Change should be considered on two levels--Individual and Organizational. On the Individual level, per the Prosci ADKAR® Model, people need to move through the following phases of change in order to be successful:


At the Organizational level, there are key change management tools that are employed to support individual change:

Sponsor Engagement
Reistance Management

The MRP Change Management team is working hard to put into place all of the organizational components to support the successful paths to change for all of the individuals impacted. For example, we continue to run Experience UBI sessions to help drive awareness to all users. We will continue communicating through a variety of mechanisms--newsletters, presentations, meetings, etc. We will provide a variety of training options to meet all of our users' needs--focusing initially on in-person, hands on, scenario-based training.

Finally, a UBI Community will be created as a crucial support mechanism for questions about tools, data, and processes.