Fiscal Administrators Meeting

June 24, 2015
Jeremy Serkin

Members of the Managerial Reporting Project team attended the June Fiscal Administrators meeting, with Mark Anderson leading an hour-long pre-session about reporting requirements. More than 50 members of UVa’s Fiscal Administrators attended the engaging session, which provided a platform for all to discuss broad reporting needs.

Mark walked through sample analysis of the Expenditure Detail-By-Project Report, and captured the wider themes from the discussion. The team will use the session’s notes to help frame further requirement-gathering opportunities. Ultimately, the project aims to deliver an enterprise-wide reporting solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders. 

The project team is thankful for the big turnout of this important constituency, and the team looks forward to future opportunities to work together.

Session Feedback & Comments

“Discoverer shuts down a lot, which may contribute some of the report runs”

“I save my own version of reports because”:

  • I want to see selected expenditure type(s)
  • I want to see budgeting/costing by Task, reformat to be Task-centric
  • Improve search capability/report organization
  • Parameter changes
  • Report layout for easier viewing

Expenditure Details used to make these types of decision:

  • Determine what cost transfers need to be made
  • Determine how much PIs have left
  • Decisions how to allocate resources for undergrad admissions
  • Usage of cash--look to see if charges could be charged to state funds (from local funds)

Expenditure Details Report used for:

  • Backup for recon process
  • Doctors allotments
  • Checking balances
  • Provide PIs information
  • Drill down to transaction-level from BBA
    • Break out BBA by transaction and expenditure type
  • Used to help budget, especially as getting to end of project
  • Pull data and export
    • Reallocate to different cost categories
  • Information to process transfers
  • Usually run multi-month/multi-period
  • RECON@ does NOT have all details needed, must go to this report

It would be nice to:

  • Not have to download to Excel
  • Do data integration in the system
  • Be able to discover reports (and what they mean), and what data is available
  • Robust report development from the users
  • See only reports associated with me
  • Have summary levels for executives
  • Connect outside systems

“Reports are run, and then put into an external sponsor’s format.”

How could this report (or use thereof) be different?

  • “If ‘open commitments’ was more easily accessible”
  • “Select multiple orgs”
  • “Initiate cost transfers directly from the report”

“How is the MRP team determining what reports to work on first?”