MRP Fall Town Hall Quick Recap

November 06, 2015

After our successful March Town Hall, 90% of our stakeholders asked us to hold other similar events in the future. We heard you, and the second Managerial Reporting Project Town Hall was a big success. Thank you to all who attended!

From the project perspective, all MRP stakeholders help write the story of how our project outcomes will reach the broader University. Adding to the story, the Fall Town Hall included interactive activities, and Q&A with participants and project leaders. A visual depiction of the project timeline was rolled out, and participants helped add notes, commentary and feedback to the 60-foot scroll.

   "The journey shows how we have moved from hiring our first MRP team member in 2013, to a “Dare to Dream” kickoff in January 2014, to the deployment of the first UFM reports in September 2014, to the data requirements gathering, data governance initiation, and reporting tool selection in the spring and summer of 2015."

   "As a project, we remain committed to our key governing principles: transparency and visibility into data; accurate, consistent, and reliable information; useful, flexible, and accessible analytical tools, data, and reporting capability, with a stakeholder-focused and engaged approach."

-- Melody Bianchetto