MRP Town Hall

March 31, 2015
Jeremy Serkin
Bryan Garey
Panel 1
Panel 2

Nearly 150 stakeholders from across Grounds came together on March 26th, 2015 to hear the dialogue between two panels of experts, and to share questions or comments about the project vision and roadmap.   

Early takeaways from panelists and attendees indicate the opportunity for engagement was warmly welcomed. Comments and questions collected from attendees revealed that our constituency still wants to know more about the scope of the project and is eager to raise important detailed technology questions.

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Q&A from the Town Hall (click here)  
Toolset/Functionality UFM
Accessibility Data
Training Communications


Town Hall Media    
Melody's Intor  
Melody's Introduction
(1 min.)
Melody on the Project
(2 min.)
Bill Ashby, Data/Unit Perspective
(2 min.)
Discoverer and Future State
(2 min.)
MRP Methodology
(2 min.)
More media available soon.