MRP & the University Community

September 28, 2016

Community engagement is a core competency for the Managerial Reporting Project. In September, Managerial Reporting took advantage of key engagement opportunities. The team initiated dialogue about complex hiring challenges with other highly technical/IT areas across the institution. The team also met with stakeholders from around Grounds during the team’s annual MRP development day. An hour-long discussion among 30+ participants provided plenty of opportunity to ask broad questions and give valuable feedback.

We’re Hiring

Managerial reporting and other IT leaders across Grounds recently met to discuss hiring strategies and challenges, focusing on highly technical/IT career paths at the University. The team produced a list of actions, including various recruitment marketing efforts, and also discussed the feasibility of a remote IT center in a community with a larger pool of technical professionals. The group has already actioned a number of ideas, and will meet again in October.

Team Day

Team Day Activities

Lunch among the student body at the Fresh Food Company dining hall

Sustainability tour around Grounds and discussion of MRP’s impact on broader sustainability initiatives at the University

Dialogue with MRP stakeholders in Newcomb Hall

Small-group area visits to various areas/stakeholders around Grounds

At the Managerial Reporting Project’s annual team development day, the project team members gathered to enhance relationships, learn, and get reacquainted with the University. The afternoon’s activities helped strengthen the team’s connection to the University, Central Grounds, and the stakeholders MRP serves.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Training opportunities: can we identify subject matter experts who provide detailed on-site training in specific areas? What about training tailored to how a specific user would use UBI?
  2. “In addition to the core set of experienced Discoverer users, there are some individuals that don’t have to unlearn anything.”
    – Chip German / Academic Preservation Trust, Library
  3. UBI adoption is real—a new team of 30 individuals recently requested access/training.
  4. “GL reporting is awesome, but I’m looking for more detail for gifts.”
    – Missy Brads / Office of the President
  5. We need more clarity about the future budget tool’s relationship with UBI.
  6. High-value data sets prioritized around Grounds:
    • Finance – GA, GL, holistic unit finances, enrollment trends, UFM
      – Eduardo Lorente / Office of the Provost
    • Student, HR, Labor
      – George Stovall / Institutional Assessment
  7. “We’re looking to conceptually understand the student system.” – Christina Morell, Institutional Assessment
  8. October UBI Release subjects: GL, cash balance