New Project Tools

August 25, 2015
Jeremy Serkin

While the Managerial Reporting Project team works to deliver a new reporting toolset, the team is also working hard to adopt a new set of internal tools to achieve success:

Informatica is the newest project tool used by the MRP team. This ETL technology will help the team extract data from our multiple source systems, transform the data, and load it into the data warehouse. While this back-end system has no anticipated visibility to the broader University community, its functionality directly supports the construction of the data warehouse, and is the source for the future Decision Support System data. ***NEW AUGUST 2015***

JIRA/Confluence (by Atlassian) 
The MRP team works with stakeholders across Grounds, so effective project management is essential. Atlassian has two project management products that will support the team’s Agile methodology. JIRA helps manage themes and tasks (two components of Agile’s iterative process). Confluence is the web-based space used to collaborate on written content. JIRA and Confluence integrate to act as a single collaboration platform.

Data Cookbook
What is the definition of "budget" at UVA?
Does the College define
"student" the same as the Comm School?
Are there multiple ways to define
"date of matriculation?"

The data governance team is deploying Data Cookbook, to serve as the single source for UVA’s data definitions. A small pan-University group of editors and moderators will manage ongoing support for new definitions and updates. Data Cookbook will ultimately integrate with the future Decision Support System reporting tool. The integration will enable supplemental information for the thousands of expected DSS users around Grounds.