New Report: Budget Balance Available and Revenue Report

September 16, 2015
Detailed Report
Detailed Report (continued)
Summary Report
As a result of the Orange Team’s efforts, we are pleased to announce the availability of a new report in Discoverer. The UVA BBA and Revenue Report provides additional information not in the Versus report. Additionally, a new view structure was utilized that allows results to be returned in a couple of minutes, as opposed to 15 or more minutes for the Versus report. The goal was to provide award managers a place to see all of the following on one report:
  • Revenue not yet installed
  • Amounts funded, but not budgeted
  • Budget balance available 
A detailed report exists with the BBA information and a summary report provides a quick snapshot of the uninstalled revenue.
  • The report should only be run for the current period, or it will return invalid results.
  • MBU is a required selection, but wildcards are acceptable for the Award organization.
  • For multiple tasks, use the total line for the award.
  • Results are only useful on project-to-date awards.
    • For example, a year-to-date award data will look the same, but will not be accurate.
    • Year-to-date awards multiply the funding by the number of installments received causing data integrity issues.
  • Signs on the report are like the cash balance report (a negative number indicates you have funds).
If your organization does not budget with multiple tasks, or at the task level at all, there is an enhanced report that will give you even more detailed information. Please email Tommye Arnold for a shared custom report. She is also available to help with any other questions about the reports.