Orange Data and Process Improvement Team Winter Update

December 23, 2014

As we begin the new year, we want to highlight some of the great work that has progressed during phase two of the Orange Teams. 

Cost Transfers Winter 2015 Orange Team One Page
The cost transfers team has proceeded with work focused on automating the upload of Internal Service Provider transactions. They have created a plan of action and started working in partnership with ITS to automate uploads from Cavalier Computers. This will be used as an example for future ISP automations.

Cross Funding
The Cross Funding team has proceeded with work to identify and develop best practices to cross funding. They have created a plan of action and met with UBO to clarify UFM approach to cross funding.

Expenditure Types
The expenditure team has proceeded with efforts to reduce the number of expenditure types. They have created an initial set of recommendations and begun vetting them with SMEs. Recommendations include deactivating expenditure types that have never been used, deactivating low volume(under 100 transactions) expenditure types and updating the top-100 reference guide.

PTAEO Collaboration
Team The PATEO Collaboration team has proceeded with efforts to increase consistency in PTAEO use. They have completed initial analysis of data collected via the PTAEO matrix.

Installment Process Automation
The installment team is moving forward with automation of the installment process. They have created a plan of action and a recommendation for the ability to modify installments in Oracle.