Orange Team Success: Cost Transfer Automation

January 28, 2015
Jeremy Serkin

Cavalier Computers is excited about the recent cost transfer automation that will significantly improve turnaround time and data quality in their operation—as they deliver critical technology and physical assets to the University community.

In the second phase of The Managerial Reporting Project’s Orange Teams, the Cost Transfer group (led by Donna Cox—with project help from Andrew Bedotto, Chuck Ganoe, Sandy Layne, Sue Clements, Richard Parkins and Andrew Yeung) set out to automate ISP billings; to the extent it improves data quality and reduces transactional re-work. Historically, a large number of cost-transfer entries were manually entered into the Integrated System—a process that consumed significant time and was susceptible to ongoing data quality concerns.

Today, the ease and simplicity of uploading a flat file helps Cav Computers automate the input of their billings into the Integrated System, and delivers the data for nightly system-managed reviews. Previously, Cav Computers processed transactions manually each week. Because of this improvement, important financial data for both Cav Computers and their internal customers will be transacted quicker and more accurately than the former manual process, freeing resources to focus on more value-added activities.

The Managerial Reporting Project team, the Cost Transfer team and the wider Orange Team stakeholders are excited about this recent accomplishment. Newcomb Hall—with all its rental operations business—is eager to learn how a similar improvement may be beneficial for them. There is more work to be done, since there will likely be many more similar opportunities across Grounds.