SCPS Interface Batch Upload

May 25, 2015

SCPSThe School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) recently completed a process improvement by transitioning their conference center monthly events billing from manually-keyed expenditures to interface batch uploads. This is the latest process improvement success in partnership with the Managerial Reporting Project (MRP).

Andrew Yeung, from the MRP team, developed a tool that reformatted and validated the data from the SCPS source system into the prescribed upload format. He assisted SCPS in designing their new process, which helped create significant time savings and reduced error rates.

A special ‘thanks’ goes out to Art Grocholski, Kathy Roy and Randall Rowe of SCPS; and Richard Parkins, Nancy Honeywell and Jim Flinn of ITS-EA for being instrumental in this successful effort.