UBI User Acceptance Testing

April 28, 2016

The Managerial Reporting Project has conducted two rounds of user acceptance testing (UAT) on UBI. Users have been “hands-on” since February, and a subset of the group has met weekly to provide feedback to the UBI team. To date, the group has completed 200+ tests, with another 100+ in-progress.

Early testing uncovered a new requirement regarding the presentation of data for a Budget Balance Available (BBA) module—one of the most widely used Discoverer reports. With that information, the UBI team split the first UBI module into two separate modules:

  • one to provide detailed expenditure information
  • one to give BBA information

This scenario highlights why this iterative process is critical to the ultimate success of UBI. An early lesson was to get the prototype of the report being developed in front of the user community as early as possible to work out major priorities; refinement comes later.

UAT feedback has been comprehensive: everything from “this looks great,” to more specific and helpful input on ease-of-use and formatting ideas. Testers also advised how to adjust the reports to be more valuable analytically, and save time for the users.

Thanks to the UAT Group (led by Mark Anderson and Ashley Bagby)
Brandy Amos Yvonne Metheny
Greg Ball Robbyn Minnis
Arkajyoti Chakraborty  Nathan Nemecek
Melissa Clarke Malika  Ouenza
Bill  Click Carey Reinicke
Milly Crickenberger Julie Robbins-Lassetter
Jason Davis Judy Rowe
Elena DeLiso Charles Rush
Linda Donohue Angela Sherman
Troy Dunaway  Lisa Shuler
Kara Beth Glover Mary Smith
Neal Grandy George Stovall  ​
Susan  Herod Katerina Suntseva
Allison Holt John Teahan
Jack Jones Beth VanHook
James  Kirkham Cindy Vaught
Kristy Kiser Disha Venkatesan
Shenika Knox Katie  Walker
Amanda Kutch Shannon  Wampler
Eduardo Lorente Diane Wendelken
Ana  Lynch Scott Willis
Patty Marbury Katie  Winters
Karen Mercer Angela Wolford